Distribution : The white goat is distributed in Surat and Baroda. The breed is know to be a good dairy breed and is good for maintenance under complete confinement and stall feeding conditions.

Breed Characteristics

Size (Average) Adult Male Adult Female
Body weight (kg) 30 32
Body length (cm) 65 66
Chest girth (cm) 70 71


Medium sized breed, white in color with highly developed udder. Ears are medium in size. Both sexes have small horns directed backward. The breed is unable to walk long distances and is stall feed. They are most economic to rear as they can live on leaves or on food waste thus brings higher feed efficiency ratio.


Milk: The breed is a good milk producer, yields on an average of 2.0 kg per day. by crossing with Sannen it has resulted high potentiality of milk yield.

Surti Goat